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In addition to working on my own practice, I like sharing my knowledge through the different classes and workshops that I offer each week.
I enjoy teaching people of all ages and abilities, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, please feel free to get in contact for lessons.

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£45 ph

In these lessons I strive to teach a range of painting skills and techniques which will broaden your confidence in both acrylic and oil painting mediums.

I look at portraiture, still life and landscape representational styles to more looser abstract mark making processes. 

Tonal balance, blending and colour theory are also aspects in my lessons that I love to explore with students. 

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£45 ph

Here I teach a range of technical drawing and sketching skills set to build your confidence in your work. 
I explore a range of subject matter including still life, landscape and portraiture, using mediums such as pencils, charcoal and pastels to improve your blending and sketching methods.
We will look at improving your skills in perspective, proportion and technique in your personal artwork.

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