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Artist Statement


-An existential awareness of the human condition, displaying a visceral underbelly of society and our conscious inadequacies-

My painting style is a combination of representational imagery and juxtaposed abstracted forms suspended in irregular harmony.

Whether its sharp realism or distorted reality, I try to convey a subtle satirical commentary alongside a raw visceral assertion of society and modern culture. 


Im particularly interested in the emotional state of mind within the current technologically obsessed world we live in, expressing a tug of war between the two. My subjects usually include portraits, landscapes, interior spaces and distorted figures in abstract spaces. 

The dialogue between the abstract swatches and representation in my images are a response to the disparity of our human emotional needs in the current fast-paced, technological age.

The themes I’m mainly interested in are to do with society, culture and philosophy, as all of my work heavily reflects on these themes. If my subject matter changes, the congruence of the dialogue with the viewer does not.   


All my work, whether expressive or realist depicts an inner angst where the common theme is revolved around ideas of isolation, conscious inadequacies and most importantly the mental conflicts and pressures of an individual living in the 21st Century.

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